How To Avoid Scams On Sugar Momma Dating Websites?

There is no doubt that the online dating websites have become extremely popular throughout the world. Of the many reasons for their popularity, one major reason is that they provide people with an opportunity for discovering their prospective match at their convenience. For many, these are indeed remarkable platforms, for fun and excitement. However at the same time while getting engaged in these dating websites you should be careful. In fact some of these dating sites which are associated with cyber crimes too. You must note that on some of the sugar momma websites, people are falling prey to online frauds due to the lack of precautionary steps. So while indulging in sugar momma dating you must be on your guard and take certain safe guards against such online frauds.

sugar momma scam

The many dangers of falling prey to such scams is not the only monetary loss but also can in some ways hurt your reputation as well. So let us see some of the basic precautions you need to take while using these online dating websites and apps.

Type of sugar momma dating scams to be aware of

  1. Monetary scams

It is seen that sometimes as a young guy seeking older women you might have just met your perfect partner. Soon after the perfect match starts telling you that she is urgent need of money. She might even start manipulating you once she has gained your trust. As a good gesture, you might pay her the amount of money she says she needs and starts exploiting you financially, claiming money every now and then. Thereafter once her need is met she suddenly disappears without leaving any trace.

  1. Misuse of Account information

Apart from directly asking for money and thereafter disappearing, it is seen that some fraudulent cougars and sugar mommas might initially start chatting and gain your trust and confidence wherein you might divulge some key information pertaining to your accounts and so on. Once they have gained access to the same they might start misusing this information for their personal gains. You, therefore, must be careful while dealing with such people and be on your guard to find out whether they are trying to dig out these types of critical information.

  1. Webcam Chats

There are some online dating websites which support Webcams. This could indeed be considered a great tool for the dating members. However, at the same time, this is the very tool which could easily be misused and used towards a tool for scams. Thus you need to be careful in case you use these tools.

How to avoid being victimized?

  1. Use only reliable dating websites

In order to be preyed upon such fraudsters, it is best to one should use only the more renowned and well-known dating websites and online dating apps. You must make a detailed research about the online dating site before registering on it. Try to go through the reviews to understand whether the users are satisfied with the online dating site and then decide about registering on it.

  1. Never accept money from strangers

One of the very basic ways to stay away from any of these online traps and scams is never to accept any money.  Often it is seen that people often tempt others and say that they would send money and thus ask for Paypal account numbers and other bank details. This is later misused. This is the very reason why you must not provide them with the opportunity of having your financial details by refusing to accept any money in the first place.

  1. Try not to disclose critical personal information

You need to take note of the fact that people scammers often would often try and dig out some critical personal information about you only to misuse the same later on. This way they would try and entrap you. Thus you must try and keep all the critical personal information confidential so that they are not misused later.

    1. Never give Money at any point of time

It is best to note that you must not give money to anyone at any point of time. This way you can save yourself the risks involved with sugar mommas who ask for financial benefits and once provided sufficiently they suddenly disappear. So it is best to be clear in your mind that you would not provide any money to anyone.

  1. Always report if you are suspicious

While using any of the online websites for dating and if you find that some profile seems to be suspicious then it is best to report the issue to the website administrator. This way not only can you yourself avoid being scammed but also help save other unsuspecting users about the malicious intentions of some of the fraudulent users on the online dating websites.

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How To Fill In A Perfect Dating Profile On Sugar Momma Websites: 10 Aspects You Should Know

Dating a young man or an older woman is an exciting prospect for either gender and in these modern times, we see the proliferation of sugar momma websites on the internet which have a treasure trove of sugar babies waiting to be taken. What is important to remember though is that the sugar momma dating profile you create is your first and last chance of making an impression on the hot sugar baby you’ve been craving for, so here’s some tips to help you along the way:


  1. The username matters:

    When you walk down a street, the first thing you notice about people is their appearance and this analogy holds true in the digital world as well. Please do not try to pull off a stunt with a username like legswideopen. Be a bit more original and true to yourself. In this way you will be able to retain your authenticity when you actually meet your sugar baby. But hey, I never said it couldn’t be interesting and sexy at the same time. Something like womanonfire is more appropriate. Be creative and unique at the same time.

  2. Privacy

    Now this is a big issue with sugar mommas as the majority, if not all, would like to retain their privacy and most sugar mommas are more than hesitant to share personal information. I would like to state that the best sugar momma websites do not disclose personal information to other persons, and it only viewable by other members of the website, i.e. like-minded people. So put your worries to rest.

  3. The profile picture:

    As I said before, the first impression leaves a lasting (or should I say lusting) one, so make sure it counts. Taking a picture off the laptop’s webcam is not actually a good idea. I’d suggest you select pictures that are just enticing enough, and I cannot stress more on the importance of a neat and clean appearance. Sure, some people like it dirty, but the site moderators take care of that.

  4. The icebreaker:

    A sugar momma should start off with a general take on her views and what she expects from her sugar baby. Just a couple of sentences here are fine enough.

  5. The introduction:

    Here’s where most people screw up and it’s not their fault. They want to pour out whatever they feel about themselves in their introduction. But realistically speaking, do you really want your sugar baby to know that you have cellulite on your first meeting? Think about what you write in your introduction as others will form an opinion of you based on it and contact you. Your starter should be a teaser, encouraging sugar momma seekers to reach out to you and get to know you better personally.

  6. Be honest:

    Nothing is a bigger turn off than false pictures and information. If you’re in for the ride, I’d strongly suggest that you do not try to fake it because it fetches no results, wastes time on both ends and the horses move on to greener pastures.

  7. Gender mismatch:

      Lots of people confuse the gender on sugar momma websites. Here’s the deal, there’s no male or a female here. You are either a sugarbaby looking for a sugarmomma or a sugarmomma looking for a sugarbaby. Simple.

  8. Do not leave contact information on profile:

    It helps protect your privacy from stalkers and other creeps under the sun, apart from the fat that if you leave contact info on your profile, it gets deleted by the website’s moderators who check profiles on a regular and random basis.

  9. Be clear about your expectations:

    Not all sugar mommas are in it for sex. Sometimes companionship is a highly desirable virtue and you’ll be surprised at the number of lonely sugar babies out there. If on the other hand, you want sex, spell it out and make no bones about it. If you have fantasies waiting to be fulfilled, why not see if there’s someone online who can do it for you?

  10. Payment issues:

    This is a regular complaint with sugar momma websites. But there’s nothing like a free lunch, is there? The reason why many people grumble on forums about the fees is that they have multiple accounts on various sugar momma websites that they are paying for simultaneously because it increases the chances of a hit, but the websites do their bit in hooking you up with the right sugar baby too. So why should you grudge them the subscription fee?

In conclusion, truth, honesty and a wish list will do wonders for your profile and if you really make the effort (which I think you will), you’ll soon have your very own sugar baby packed and delivered to you.

Sugar momma

Beneficial Relationship Between Sugar Momma And Sugar Baby

There was a time when the relationship between sugar momma and her sugar baby was taken as a taboo. But, that’s history, as now this form of dating has become a trendsetter where both sugar momma and young men are bestowed by its remarkable advantages. This makes it a win-win case for both in their beneficial relationship. Read on to know more about how it works.

A Sugar Momma- Rich, A Sugar Baby- Adventurous

When you are a lonely young guy searching for a partner, but this time with a twist and i.e. cougar dating then your date will be known as sugar momma, similarly you are going to be her sugar baby. The foundation of this relationship is very simple and clean where there no sort of complications and zero hassles. It just based on a simple principle, where she needs you and you need her; that is what makes this relationship so special.

Now, young men seeking a sugar momma  should be aware of two things and they are what you should look for in an older women and what an older women expects from you.

  • When you are on the hunt for an ideal cougar do realize the qualities that you want her to have. Sit back, relax and think about it then enlist the same on a paper. Later distinguish those that you highly prioritize against those which does not have to be that necessary.


  • When done with what you want the next step is to make yourself ready for a great sugar momma. To do this groom yourself and work on your weakness; something that older women are always going to appreciate.

Where to Find Sugar Momma?

Once you are ready for cougar dating the next question that arises is where to discover your potent match. For doing this you can take help from sugar momma websites- dating portals which are specially dedicated for sugar momma and their sugar babies. Here, you can find several remarkable cougars near you waiting for a promising and adventurous young men like you who has it all to take the cougar dating to a new level.

But, options are many so choose the one wisely and then decide whether you should go on a date with her or not. To help you out these sugar momma websites have different compatibility tests. These tests record answers based on a person’s perceptions, views and preferences and then decide whether the one that you want to date is the right one for you or not.

Moreover, based on the test results the dating site even provide you a list  of cougars who have the same ideology as you do.

It’s Beneficial Relationship So Make The Most of It

Without a doubt when seeking a sugar momma you need to make the most of this relationship, as after all its a beneficial one for the both. Hence, take advantage of their success, maturity and confidence and they will have their share through your lively personality and adventurous you.

sugar mamas dating

What Sugar Mamas Want From Dating?

Sugar mama dating isn’t like regular dating, sugar mamas expect specific things from their relationships.  They invest more than their time into the relationship after all.  They invest a lot of money into the relationship and expect something back.  Less like a traditional relationship, sugar momma dating is more like a business deal that is fun.  In the beginning both parties are very up front about their wants and a deal is struck.  During this deal making process the needs and wants of sugar mamas is specifically mentioned.

Sugar Mamas Want To Feel Young

Sugar mamas are older women, it’s hard to deny that they are starting to feel the tolls of their age.  Dating people their age will result in a pretty laid back lifestyle.  When they enter a relationship with a younger man they are expecting to be in a relationship with a younger man.  They want you to act youthful and play around.  Go out to bars, nightclubs, and all of the normal things.  Take her to a movie like you would do with someone your age.

Sugar Mamas Want Fun Conversation

Just like with what you do on your date sugar moma dating conversation should be fun and youthful.  You want to engage her and show that you have a passion.  Flatter her and poor on the juice, she wants to be made to feel as if she is liked.

While she wants to have fun and youthful conversation she doesn’t want to be intimidated by the age gap.  Don’t talk to her as if she is stupid just because she doesn’t get technology or she doesn’t like the hippest TV show.  Keep her interested in you while showing that you are youthful.

Sugar Mamas Want To Feel Special

One of the reasons they are reaching out for such a business deal-esk relationship is that they want to feel special.  When a younger man spends his time doting on an older woman she feels as if she is attractive and young.  She wants to have flowers brought to her, long kisses, back massages, anything that can make her feel treasured.  Hold her hand and let her feel as if there is nowhere else you would rather be.  In fact, anytime she calls you should do your utmost to get to her.

Sugar Mamas Want Spontaneity

One of the things that young women take for granted is the fact that their boyfriends spontaneously want to do something whether it’s go out with them or have sex.  Most older men don’t have this drive anymore and rarely are spontaneous.  Call her up randomly when you aren’t around her and when you are around her suggest things randomly and give her random kisses.  She wants the surprises that feel as if they have disappeared from life.

Sugar Mamas Want Sex

Almost every sugar moma dating relationship involves sex.  Sugar mamas are still feeling sexually active while men their age just aren’t interested in them anymore.  Sugar mamas want to be taken to bed and worshipped.  Even if you don’t think they are the best in bed make sure that they think they are.  Try to maximize the time spent in bed.  NEVER let her leave the bed unsatisfied.  When sugar mama dating it is your job to make sure that she finishes.  A 10 second ride is not what she wants nor is it what she is paying for.

Be very open in bed with her as she probably knows more than you do unless you are some sort of playboy god.  Sugar mamas want to pass on what they have learned in bed so that you enjoy the experience too.

Every sugar mama dating relationship is different.  We are all human after all and have our own unique wants and needs.  It is important that you ask a sugar mama what she is looking for.  If you don’t speak with her first she may get the impression that something is wrong or you aren’t the right person for her. Reading more>>